2016 Speedrunning Resume

Legend of Mana Any% (Dragon Storyline) PB - 1:36:20
Legend of Mana Faerie Storyline PB - 1:56:02
Learning Zelda A Link to the Past as a Speedrun, part of the 12 Hour Challenge
Legend of Mana Jumi Storyline PB - 2:17:58 (WR at the Time)
Zelda 3 PB at 1:51:02
Playing Zelda 3 and messing around FF6 Any%
Zelda 3 PB at 1:40:07
FF6 Any% routing/research to find optimal seed
Final Fantasy 6 Any% WR with 50:49 - Previous WR by Kadmony with a 51:19
Zelda 3 PB at 1:38:27
Research regarding Sketch Glitch on Japanese version. Wrong Warp from WoB to WoR found. YouTube video posted to help JP community.
Zelda 3 PB at 1:35:06
New Final Fantasy Any% Sketch PB with 3:49:56
Playing Zelda 3, PB at 1:32:56, playing other NMG Race categories as well.
Starting to route my own FF6 Glitched 100% idea called All Bosses that involves killing Kefka and using the Sketch Glitch.
FF6 All Bosses at 6:47:51
New FF6 Sketch Glitch research posted on YouTube to help Japanese Community routing the game.
Helping Toru_1988 (FF6 JP Speedrunner) routing sketch glitch categories from the shadow.
Learned Super Castlevania IV Any% as part as the Get Yourself Speedrunning Tournament. PB at 46:06 (Still Current)
Learning Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% as part of the 12 Hour Challenge. PB at 1:22:10
Grinding Zelda 3 NMG offline, lowered my PB to 1:30:10. Taking a Break from the game after.
World of Warcraft Legion is out, rip Speedrunning
Back to FF6 All Bosses routing, PB at 6:08:44
Practicing DKC2 in preparation for the tournament.
Made this : https://thesabin.com/final-fantasy-vi/
Got FF6 Any% WR back with a time of 50:37
DKC2 Any% Tournament, lowered my PB to 48:34
Lowered my FF6 All Bosses PB to 6:04:47 (Still Bad)
Back to Zelda 3 NMG. Achieved my Goal of Sub 1:30 with a time of 1:29:07.
Messing around with FF4. Nothing serious.