Pastebin FF6

Quick Pastebin on what I did for FF6

Uploaded My Speedrun Notes for the Public. There is no boss strat or anything beyond Menuing/Shopping and such. For actually learning the game, I would rather suggest reading LCC's Notes that are much more detailed, or watch videos. Mines are mostly simple and to the point with colors.

Any% (Yes52)!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcMjOE5Alg-qxRyadg

Any% Sketch!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcMkpLNg0yrlaS3X6g

All Bosses!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcMmW7GUumHT3-GyDA

All my Twitter/YouTube video stuff that I posted are and will be on this Playlist.

Uploaded some Pictures that I had on my folders that can help understanding the game. Most of the I posted them on my Twitter but this is a horrible place to archive and document stuff.!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcMovJQEvkJTVtGd-A

Also, I updated the RAM Watch Pack, maybe it would help getting some people ideas for the game. I added the RAM Map of the game and some other stuff to help messing around.!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcElHeEyKRubZpdAdA

Future Plans for FF6 (As long as I stop being Lazy, which happens 95% of the time): Improve my All Bosses PB (Sub 6 is Free), Routing No Sketch based on LCC's new findings and get an ok time (BUT here is the part, without doing ANY steproute) and I will do the same for Glitchless.
Why no steproute? Because I don't enjoy steproute at all, and I would like to have public notes that the route is using the latest tech AND you can actually finish without any steproute. I will let LCCs, the Liin1s and the Fathlos do WR strats, I will rather do strats that allow me to finish the game with just powering on the game, its more fun for me.
And IF I hate myself even more, get Sub 50 in Any% but eff that if I can skip this. I will not grind any of the runs btw, will probably do 1-2 runs and be done.

And as usual, I will try to keep updated. Stuff posted here are already Live and links are also available on my Twitch page.