Pastebin Jul 24th, 17


Finally got my DKC2 Any% goal and got a 43:57, so I cut the Twig and got a 43, which is what I wanted. Crazy to think that when I learned the game as a 12 Hour Challenge last year I ended up with a time like this. I think I could go for a 42 but I will have to learn new stuff and go harder on some tricks to get that I think, but I do not think it will happen soon.
I also bought a, what I hope and based on the pictures on eBay, a DKC2-J 1.0 cart. I have plans on learning 102% but I do not know when this will happen.

Planing doing DKC1 All Stages for the 12 Hour Challenge this time, but I will not be able to do it during the weekend of it. So chances are it will be done either this weekend, or in 3 weeks. Will see how I feel when the time comes.

ALTTP Low% Race will happen for me next on the 30th. Still have work to do and some practice but I think I will be good a a fun event.

Playing Castlevania 4 again is tempting…

I also got inspired by BluntBunny’s Speedrun Doc to make my own. Pretty happy with the results and it is a good way to have Twitch/YouTube links in 1 place.!AhyT3NHpHVTfgcVjuLYs4Dl13eV2Gg (Added the link on my Twitch Bio).


Been trying to make a couple of YouTube videos for documentation purpose on my YouTube channel. Trying to keep them under a playlist if people are interested :


Been keeping up with the FF12 remake speedrun routing and it is quite interesting. Memebows% is very meme indeed.


I always have a struggle pushing the stream button instead of recording and I always feel like people expect me to PB during the stream or being super entertanining and everything, like big streamers y’know. I am usually someone who has high standards for stuff that I do, like how my stream looks, the layout, quality of the game feed, how my YouTube/Twitch page looks, etc… And if I stream and I got no chat posts and no viewers, in my head I failed and I usually don’t bother keep going. I know it’s not the right attitude but, I am an old boy on Twitch/, so I have seen so many people getting popular and partner over the years, starting with Swiftor (who actually followed my old channel back in 2008) until now, so I already missed the train by several years already. I also rarely approch streamers who have bigger view count/following count because I consider them on a higher tier, kinda like how you should never approach the president or a Hollywood star or something. Who knows, maybe I’m just too old or I just care too much about small things that doesn’t make sense. Thanks for reading my blog post I guess, was bored at work anyway and Internet was super slow :P.

Also, I resubmitted thesabSuplex emote to be much better, Soon(TM). If Blunt’s Knob emote got approved, I bet mine will be 100% otherwise there is no god.