EclipseBin Aug 21st, 17


-I really enjoy Zelda 1 right now. It’s really hard but at the same time its fun. Got a 41:40 but I feel I was lucky to get it. I can def improve my PB by a ton. 38 (or even 37) might even be feasible if I don’t die. Will keep going at it.
-I kinda have a possible project with Zelda that I would like to go for, like something to go for that will take me a long time to achieve.
-102% will happen for sure, but at least I have the cart. I do not plan doing it for a while, maybe in 2018 or late 2017 but it is something I wanna do for sure.
-Modding my NES with S-Video with a Multi-Out connector is amazing. I can switch from NES-SNES-N64-GameCube using the same video cable. It was def not easy to do on my own, but I did enjoy doing it. At least if my NES breaks or something, I can self repair the thing which is a big plus for me down the road.

The more it goes, the more my interests in my speedgames are becoming more clear and more defined : Zelda – Final Fantasy – Donkey, and this is really where I want to go for.