Tales of Eternia – Disc 1 Speedrun Route

Those notes do not have boss strats or stuff like that, mostly menuing and directions. They do not replace video material at all and don't expect learning the game just by reading those.

Message Speed : 0
Event Voice : Off
Battle Voice = Longer Loading? TBA
Controller Vib : Off (because it's annoying)
Encounter Check : Off (Displays the Field at the start of envounter, waster of time)

Go down, then Left.

Boss : ??????
HP : 1000
Spam Attacks, no possible strats


Go back to Elder's House, Loot 500Gald from Pot on the Left

Head to Rasheans River Pier
Talk to the People at the end of the path, skip Cutscene

Head to Regulus Dojo
Enter 2nd door from bottom, talk to the bottom guy to get the Manual Book
Talk to Elder, Cutscene
Head to the last door at the bottom, cutscene

Head to Rasheans River Pier
Talk to Paollo at the dock

Start for the Minigame - Rafting!!
X for Accelerate


Head to Mintche, Town of Academia
Go to the University (North and North)
Middle Door, Talk to Red hair girl in the Back

Head to Mt. Mintche and Mintche Observatory
Loot Nothing, Cutscenes

Head to Nostos Cave
Buy : 2 Orange Gels
Buy : 1 Life Potion
Buy : Holy Bottles
Go Right

Reid : Manual
Reid : L2 = Keele Fireball

Boss : Egg Bear
HP : 3,200
Weak Against Fire
Strat : Spam Fireball, Block

Loot Battle Axe

Head to Treetop Village, Morle
Go to the top of the tree, Cutscene
Reid : L2 = Keele Fireball
Formation 2 : Farah-Keele-------------------------Reid
Follow Meredy

Boss : Insect Plant
HP : 8,800
Weakness : Fire
Strat : Spam Fireball

Go up the tree for Cutscene

Head to Undine Stream
Reid : R2 = Meredy Grave
Loot Hydra Dagger

Boss : Undine
HP : 6,800
Weakness : Lightning

Head to Forest of Temptation
Enter to trigger Cutscene, Leave after
Glitch through the Entrance, Enter from the other End
↓ ↓ ← ← ← ←
At Camp fire
← ↓ ← ← ↓ ↓ ↓
Glitch through Entrance again and Enter from the other End
↓ ↓ ↑ ↑
Head to Inferia City
Sell : Mental Bracelet
Buy : 1 Flare Bottle
Buy : Holy Bottles
Buy : Life Bottles
Go North to the Castle to Trigger Cutscene
Go to Observatory, Cutscene
Go to Church, Lots of Cutscene
Talk to the Princess
Go to your Rooms
Head to Port of Inferia
Right for Cutscene
Port Barole
Left to Leave 

Head to City of Trade, Barole
Go to Weapon Shop and go through North door, Loot Shamsel chest

Go To Sylph Cave
Loot Assault Dagger (Otherside of Grass Bridge)
Formation : Switch Ras <-> Reid
Equip : Reid = Shamsel
Skills : Ras = Dragon Flash everywhere
Skills : R2 = Reid Demon Hammer

Head to Efreet Gorge
Skills : Reid : L2=Spread
Skills : Reid : R2=Aqua Edge
Equip : Reid = Hydra Dagger (Possible Strat?)

Meredy's Craymel

Head to Farlos Sanctuary
Go to the Inn

Quickie Climbing Game


Skills : Reid : L2=Wind Blade
Skills : Reid : R2=Spread

Boss : Rassius
HP : 4,408

End of Disk 1