Pastebin Monday 2017-12-11

Blog Version :

  • Achieved my goal for Zelda 2 which was Sub 90. I never intended to go serious about that game from the start, and for some reason it was really hard for me to learn it. Probably because I don’t necessarely enjoy the game as much as I thought I would. Speedrun is fun and some of the tech is great (Like the Exp strats), but not as much as the game itself. Shoutout to BluntBunny for his practice pack, it really helped.
  • I just started my casual playthrough of Link’s Awakening DX (Aka Zelda 4). I did beat this game 3-4 times in the past so I already know the game, but I like having a refresh in my mind. I will probably keep streaming it like I did yesterday. After I finish my playthrough, I will start working on learning the speedrun of it. I won’t go for a meme category, so going for Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q). I might just straight up not do some strats I don’t like, like that skip at the last boss where it basically kills the last boss music, but will see how it goes.
  • FF6 tournament still on going. Fortunately for the other people, I often do dumb mistakes when playing that game. I just hope people don’t have high expectations from me :P.
  • Capcom Cup 2017 was amazing this weekend and had a blast watching it. I need to watch more fighting games tournaments, maybe there is something there for me.
  • Getting new Internet tomorrow. I have trouble with my upload recently, but the reason I upgraded my plan was not because of that. Currently have 30Down/10Up and will go to 120Down/20Up starting tomorrow night. So will see how it goes. That was one the reason I did my Zelda 2 PB offline as well.

Thanks for reading.