Pastebin Monday 11/13/2017

– Sorry for the lack of stream recently, work kicked my butt this weekend and I could not stream anyway this week and the last one (thank god for working from home).

– Been practicing Zelda 2, remembering where to go in dungeons and the leveling strats I’m going for, practicing combat so I’m more comfortable with it and etc. I think I’m to the point I don’t need note or dungeon maps anymore. Should maybe do attempts this weekend if I don’t chicken out.

– I recently got the urge to buy old consoles I never had the opportunity to ever play and/or own. I recently bought an Atari 2600 (The Junior Model) at my local store and ordered about 25 games online. That will be cool to play on 2 player with games like “Combat” for example, and the games are super cheap so why not. I also bought an Sega Genesis (that will arrive here this week) that will come with Sonic 2, and planning getting more games from that console as well, especially Castlevania Bloodlines which I’m really excited to play. 

-Work confirmed me I have 2 full weeks off work during the Holidays, my knob is already polished.

-Winter is officially here since Friday.

-I haven’t touched Mario Odyssey and have not watch any speedruns of it.

-Toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Peanut Butter is amazing.