Pastebin Monday 2018-03-19

Friendly Blogger Version :


  • Finished learning Link’s Awakening DX, starting to do runs every now and then. Got a 116 yesterday but the VoD is kinda bad (gamefeed was cut off and some other things as well). One of the things that I need to figure out regarding to stream layout, but that’s fine, that PB is easily improvable anyway. More runs on that for sure.
  • ALTTP Tournament started so expect some matches Soon™. This is currently my group :
    TheSabin (PB : 1:28.15)
    DRock91384 (PB : 1:29.42)
    yelsraek (PB : 1:37.52)
    Jetabb (PB : 1:51.39)
  • I decided to drop Majora’s Mask from my initial plan to learn Zelda games. My original plan was to learn Z1-2-3-LADX-OoT-MM (The first 6 Zeldas), but felt it was too much, So I am sticking to only OoT for N64. If I learn another 3D Zelda, it would be Wind Waker on GCN, but I have no idea if this will ever happen.
  • Somehow played Zelda 2 yesterday with all the rust that came with it, and was terrible as expected. But what was funny yesterday is I speedran 4 games on the same day (Mystic Quest, LADX, Zelda 3 (Weekly) and Zelda 2 (MOMAM SRL Race)) and they all finished. That’s what I would like to do in the future, is being able to play Zelda 1-2-3-LADX-OoT back to back and beat them. What is cool is none of them are meme categories, but the most popular ones (granted OoT’s most popular category is 100% but it doesn’t really fit the rest by being too long, so sticking with No IM/WW. Any% is boring).

Current Speed Plan :

  • DKC2 102% after ALTTP Tournament
  • Zelda OoT No IM/WW after I’m happy with LADX
  • FF4 when I stop being lazy
  • FF6’s status is unknown (sorry for the fans)


  • I caught myself working the whole Saturday afternoon / night on my stream setup. This is a thing about me, I love working on stuff like that like graphics and overall presentation with Photoshop and etc. Still needs some works but it will do for now.
  • I decided to go back to the old setup of GV-USB2 and stop using USB3HDCAP for S-Video game feed, to make the stream and framerate better (I had framerate issues with USB3HDCAP and I never managed to fix it, and blue screens are annoying). Also, while tempting, I could make streaming RGB possible and invest on a PVM or something like that. But I much prefer having my S-video Multi-Out cable work on my NES-SNES-N64-GameCube and being able to just swap cable easily. I rather not go too deep into that stuff because I know I won’t get out of it.
  • Ordered 4 Input Displays (NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube) from Pidge last week and they should arrive today, so it should be fun to have this back. I had issues with my previous Input Display setup so this is why I stopped using it. Also pidge’s are way more better than what I used to have (I had wires exposed and everything lol). Each one of them might or might not be used for future projects >_>.


  • RPG Limit Break in May. D:
  • Wanted to upgrade my PC video card but cryptofarmers are making it impossible (prices doubled)
  • Need to build a new server for home (hardware too old and storage doesn’t fit my needs anymore). Not sure if I would go for a complete server with everything that includes Windows Server 2016 or I buy what I want and stick with my 2012 R2 license. (Congrats to the 0.1% who understands what this means)

Thanks for Reading.