Pastebin Monday 2018-04-16

Blog Version :

  • Did some LADX attempts offline during the weekend (Like 2-3 resets and stop, and try again 3-4 hours after). Got a 10439, goal is 103. I am not going for Sub 1h because of my choice of strats is 2mins slower but god so much less frustrating. Maybe in the future but right now it is not the plan.
  • My old WoW Guild officer really wants me to raid again in WoW. While it was tempting, I had to decline ( Sorry Kao 😛 ). Did a Mythic+ with a GM from Quebec this weekend for fun, but decided to stay being a dirty casual for reasons.
  • Will probably play Zelda OoT Master Quest before learning NoIM/WW. Never played that version so why not. But learning that will only probably happen after RPGLB.
  • RPGLB flight booked.
  • The ending of G.O.D was great. Thank you LCC.