Pastebin Monday 2018-10-01

Speedrunning Stuff

  • Somewhat low motivation right now for speedrunning unfortunately. Been stuck playing this WoW game, and with having lots of people that I know playing it (including work people) and the game being fun, it’s hard not to. So…. y e a . . .
  • I’ve been learning DKC1 on and off and learning what is optimal from the Wiki. Up to 4-2, 2nd snow level at the moment. I keep playing the first 3 worlds but it’s hard learning new games. Once I pass the “I’ve learned the game” barrier, I can see playing this game for a bit…love playing those donkey games.
  • DKC2 Any% never took off because I’ve played too many Donkey 2 this year already.
  • Speedrunning will never die for me, will only be slowed down by life RNG or other games.

Streaming Stuff

  • Streaming will always be about speedruns or at least retro stuff (at least on my main channel, old channel could be like WoW raids or something). So if I don’t stream it’s not because I am not alive or anything, it’s just I don’t have anything to speedrun at that time. Maybe I should say screw it and stream whatever I want but this ain’t 2009 anymore.

Random Stuff

  • Gotham season 4 was great and can’t wait for Season 5 which apparently is the season that will lead to the early Batman story.
  • Need to mod my NES for RGB at some point. Just need to wire it to the Multi-out connector, have the chipset installed already but I only wired S-Video signal.
  • Did a super duper casual offline FF4 FE playthrough without a timer, and I found myself doing everything in the game. Was fun.
  • Winter is coming D: