Pastebin Monday 09/17/2018

Speedrunning Stuff

  • Not a lot of motivation right now. I tried to play DKC2 Any% but after 102%, I was tired of the game so I did not push further. PB is with the new CCWW so we got a new free PB with that, but run is bad so when I come back it will motivate me to push further. Also World of Warcraft is taking most of my time right now. Problem is at work we are like 4-5 people that are playing the game so it is hard to not talk about it/play it. Eventually it will die off (like anything) but that’s why I was not really active in speedrunning. Always lurking and watching streams tho.
  • Learning OoT Glitchless is still on the plans (2018 is still not over). Potential 2019 goals I mentionned before still stands (Listed in my Twitch Bio).

Random Stuff

  • Catching up on TV series and I guess movies. I’ve been late on watching “Gotham” so fixing that right now, and I love watching anything that’s related to Batman including those Animated Films DCs are releasing every year. I am halfway into Season 4. I’m also bad at watching movies in general.
  • I ordered DKc1 and DKC3 JP Complete in Box last week at a good price to finish my collection. Both are 1.0 versions as per the pictures. I love collecting JP games for some reason, mostly because I think the boxes and the arts are cooler, but also that they costs like a LOT less. I have DKC1-2-3 US but only the carts, and with that I’ll have DKC1-2-3 JP Boxed.