Pastebin Monday 2019-02-11

Decided to answer all these for fun. This was popular on Twitter like maybe a month ago.

==Why did you start streaming?==

I was a Blogger of Nintendo stuff in French back the day and everyday I had to go through lots of websites to get the news. One of them was One day there was a post talking about a livestream and it was on and I think GoNintendo just basically streamed their Podcast recording there. That was in 2008. When I checked the website deeper, I saw some guys streaming random video games too, and 2 of them was FourPlayerPodcast (They still stream but have lives) and Socomsoldier (Now called “HeroOfGaming” on Twitch). Decided to try it out and my first stream ever was Castlevania: Lament of Innocence with a webcam pointing at the CRT. I also did for a short time Weekly Friday streams with the new WiiWare releases for my blog’s purpose.

I also remember (I forgot the name of the stream) of a uStream channel of 2 guys playing video games with a camera pointing at the TV but I only saw them once and it was through a gonintendo post.

==Favorite game to stream.==

Probably ALTTP (The non-randomized version). I can turn off my brain, read chat and speedrun that game no problem and not get bored. It’s like a 2nd nature.

==Fondest Memory.==

I don’t really have any for streaming tbh… Most of the memories I have are being me as a twitch viewer.

==Variery Streamer?==

I’ve done it. Streaming New Super Mario Bros. Wii on release day and beating it in 1 stream was the peak I’ve done for variety. 150 viewers from that stream, and this is 2009 without hosting/raid and all that. Also streamed the 1 vs 100 on Xbox 360 when it was a thing and that was really fun too. Not really interested in variery anymore really, I have trouble playing casual games on my own already D: so sticking with retro stuff. One thing I could do is play old games casually on stream. I’ve been thinking replaying some old Halo games, but that’s like the complete opposite of what my channel is all about that I really doubt it will ever happen.

==Biggest struggle you had in a game?==

Getting sub 130 in ALTTP probably.

==Favorite thing about streaming.==

Chat interaction easily.

==Any advice to give to a new streamer?==

I’m not really qualified to answer really, been on twitch for 10 years and achieved nothing 😛 (Granted I never tried). But Muttski made a doc last year that can help answer :

==Favorite streamer to watch.==

Lots of them. Over the years I enjoyed a lot of different streamers. I can watch 40k viewer streamers and watch 5 viewer streams as well. I’m a big twitch lurker, the biggest kind.

==Do you clip yourself?==

Only to show something that happened to me for science.

==Longest stream?==

Probably 13ish hours and that was either the ALTTP or the DKC2 12H challenge stream. Don’t think I’ve done longer than that.

==Game that you hated streaming?==

I can’t think of any. Everything that I play is because I wanna play it.

==Most frustrating thing about streaming?==

Loosing frames by a mile. That is very frustrating and makes me wanna stop.

==Most popular game?==

Speedrun era, FF6. Pre-Speedrun era : It was all over the place so no answer there.

==Favorite person to stream with?==

Probably Muttski and/or Greff :3

==How many people do you mod for?==

Actually Moding? Maybe 1 or 2.


Not anymore. I am way past the time of having Twitch goals for streaming. Only goals I have are speedrun related, like times.


I am very OCD about my layout and how my stream looks. One day I wanted to stream something and instead I spent the day fixing my layout. Fortunately I am very happy with how it looks now.

==Things you want to change?==

Stream more, but it is impossible.

==Least favorite thing about streaming?==

Nowdays, everything that’s related to numbers and money, and how you perform overall and compare with others.

==Dropped any games?==

Not that I think of. When I don’t have fun anymore with the game, it happens naturally or when the goal is achieved at that time.

==How many years have you been streaming?==

Joined on Mar 4, 2008 and my first follower on my other account was Mar 21, 2008, so let’s go with that.

==How many mods?==

I have 5 right now.

==Channel theme?==

Zelda, Final Fantasy, Donkey. I think I cover 95% of what I wanna do.

==Most viewed clip?==

==Favorite platform to stream?== easily. Only back then you could stream yourself watching a movie with chat interaction (Yes I’ve done it).


I’ve done cam once ever, but felt weird. Not really into that.

==Most memorable ban?==

Don’t really know tbh… I’ve banned Bots and that’s about it. (Those lurking bots are getting out of controls nowdays -_-)

==Who gave you the most inspiration.==

Everyone that I watched over the years and that I keep watching. I can’t name names lol.

==What you want to tell your audience most?==

That I’ll probably never go away from Twitch.