Pastebin Monday 2019-04-08

For some reason this weekend, I managed to do a 12h stream of playing OoT Randomizer and be able to finish it. I blame SNESChalmers_ and watching Spikevegeta for this. Not gonna lie, it was really fun and gave me a good reason to replay the game. Will probably do another seed at some point in the future. Was able to get some tips and tricks from the chat to understand more of the game, which is nice because I forgot a lot of stuff from the game it looked like.

Over the past months I’ve been working on gathering all my gaming stuff, collection and DVD/Blu-Rays in the same room. Bought new furniture, getting rid of some and I’ve got something nice to show it off. There’s a couple of things I need to fix in my collection so it’s something I enjoy doing right now. I bought last week the instruction manual for DK64. I had the game and the box, but no manual, so I fixed that package. Still need to find a manual for Kirby 64, a Majora’s Mask box and a DKC3 box to have those games completed, but boxes alone (that are in decent shape) seems impossible to find. I might do in the future a Youtube video showing my gaming and DVD-Blu-Ray collection, something fun to do like that.

Speedrun wise I’ll probably try to play DKC1 again and ALTTP (might learn some new category I dunno yet) and wait to see what happens with my v0oidathon submission. Heck I might do OoT Glitchless to bop Muttski for free (5:58:10) Kappa.

IRL/Random : Had to spend 350$ on my car last week. Winter needs to die now. Can’t wait for the long easter weekend next week (Potential for another degen OoT Rando there). May will be busy for work. Didn’t do my taxes yet because I’m lazy. After close to 2 years as affiliate, I’m 25$ short on getting my first Twitch paycheck (I’m super slow grinder).

Thank you for reading.