SMZ3 No Save and Quit (ALTTP without Safeties, SM KPDR)

SMZ3 No Save and Quit (ALTTP without Safeties, SM KPDR)

Eastern and finish it
Boots (Grab Bombs + 100)

Go to SM

+ Morph Ball
+ Missiles
+ E-Tank
+ Super Missiles
+ Missiles
+ Charge Beam
+ Spazer
Kill Kraid
+ Varia Suit
+ E-Tank

Go Down to Norfair

+ High Jump
+ Missiles
+ E-Tank
+ Speedbooster

Go to ALTTP from the Elevator room (Start of Norfair) (Puts you on Death Mountain)

+ Mirror
Enter Hera
+ Moon Pearl (Mirror out after)

Go back to Super Metroid from Death Mountain
+ Ice Beam
+ Power Bombs 
+ Missiles (Moat)
Fight Phantoon
+ Super Missiles
+ Gravity Suit
+ Super Missiles
Kill Botwoon
+ E-Tank
Kill Draygon
+ Space Jump
+ Plasma
Go back to ALTTP from Maridia Halfie Climb's secret passage (Bottom)

Access to Dark World
Mirror, grab Ice Rod and go back to Dark World
Fake Flippers, and do this tech to enter PoD

Problem : You can go to Flippers right now, but you are 300 short of money (If you grab the 100 in Eastern Palace), causing you a second visit to that area. But I guess go to PoD and continue ALTTP as NMG normal? (Until Mire)

After Thieves Town, you mirror after getting frog to grab the Book, and you go back to Dark World.
After finishing Mire, you go back to SM from the Right Mire House'e Entrance (Access to Lower Norfair).
Grab Screw Attack bcause its free???
Kill Ridley, normal route for exiting Norfair
On elevator room for Norfair/Brinstar, Go back to ALTTP (Puts you on Death Mountain)
Go to Turtle Rock
Mirror to Light World, Flute to Link's House
Enter SM from the Fortune Teller's House (Puts you on Crateria)
Beat Super Metroid.