Pastebin Monday – March 30 2020

Video Gaming

Not a lot of motivation regarding speed gaming lately unfortunately, or actually to learn anything new. You would think that being forced to stay inside would give me more reasons to grind games, but I was never a grinder in any games. Lately my games are mainly playing Randomizers and just play Multiplayer games like Fortnite, WoW, CSGO and PC games like that (I tried Warzone from the new Modern Warfare game but didn’t really enjoyed it). Having my PC upgraded last year, and most of these games cost me nothing to play (Except WoW), it’s a Win Win. The plan was to learn Chrono Trigger, and while I do love the game, learning another game is not something I would like to do right now. I honestly rather play games that I know already. I’m also tempted to ZOOTR, but I wanted to do that for a while now…

Also still have to submit for v0oidathon but still have a lot of time to figure that one out.


I’ve been working from home for 2+ weeks now and it seems things are still rolling regarding work stuff. I was scared of being laid off temporarily because of the COVID but so far it doesn’t seems to be the case, which I consider myself very lucky. It definitely forces me to eat more healthy and be more responsible regarding food so that’s good. I think I drove like once since like March 13 (last date I was at the office) and that was to get grocery.

New Place Soon

I finally got myself a new apartment to move at the end of May-June. I’ve been living in my small apartment for about 8 years now and I was really due for a change since I kept complaining on how small it is. In Quebec, not sure what is the standard elsewhere, but we have like 3½, 4½ and 5½ standards for apartments. 3½ means like one bedroom, 4½ is two and 5½ is three (all with 1 bathroom).

I’ve been living in a small 4½ for a while. So I had 1 bedroom for me, the other small bedroom was used to store all my gaming stuff and my PC is basically in the living room because the other bedroom is too small. What I will be moving into is a 5½, which means 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a bigger living room and the cool part is, everything will be brand new and I’ll be the first one to be there. The place is currently being renovated from top to bottom so I’m actually really excited to move in when things are ready. Plan is to use one of the bedroom like a small game room, like my PC and all my games would be there, and possibly have like a loveseat + TV but I have to figure out the room sizes and how I wanna do it. But I will have so much more room to work with that planning all that will be exciting.

Random Stuff

I’ve been thinking of the idea of using my old Twitch channel again to stream boring stuff that I do. I will be not related to retrogaming or speedrunning or anything Nintendo related really, like playing WoW, Fortnite and stuff like that, boring stuff you know. And maybe setup an autohost on my main channel to host it when I use it. Just push the stream button and expect nothing out of me. Will not impact my main channel and it’s probably the only time i’ll talk about it, but its not like it costs me any effort doing that and I’m stuck inside anyway so. . It’s also a good way for me to maybe archive some of the stuff and clip some moments without much effort too.

I also might start promoting my Discord server to get more people in it so I can potentially use more of it. I sometimes prefer using discord over twitter to talk about stuff so feel free to join :

Anyway, exciting stuff for me with the move, and yeah stay strong!