Pastebin Monday – June 29 2020

It’s been 3 months since my last “pastebin” so I guess this is a good time to write this down, while this is the last day I will sleep in my apartment I’ve been living for the past 8 years.

Real Life

I wasn’t super active for the past couple weeks simply because my 2020 project for this year was to move to a bigger apartment and basically get something a lot better. Fortunately I was able to get that while searching earlier this year. Awesome location, bigger, awesome place, being brand new from top to bottom, basically what I was really looking for. The plan for me moving was simple : get the apartment that would be available 1-2 months before the end of my current one, and move my stuff without any stress and once everything is transferred, cut the ties with my old one (my current apartment renting ends July 1st).

I signed everything in March, but guess what happened in March, COVID. So everything got shut down and delays started happening. My new place was supposed to be ready early May, but problems started stacking up and eventually, here we are June 29 and my place isn’t finished yet, so I am not able to move in and at the same time, I have to get out of my old one too, so it’s like where do I live… That was basically the biggest stressful problem I had for the past month.

But fortunately, my parents decides to help me with everything (which I’m super duper grateful) and they will allow me to live in their house (basically in the super comfy basement) for the time my new place gets finished (possibly a full month depending on things, but who knows, its 2020 so). What is also nice is my work is done completely remotely until start of September (based on company instructions, and possibly can be extended), so I had no obligation to stay close to my work place anyway. 100% of my work can be done from home so at this point, companies can just extend that until the vaccine is out or something.

I was expecting to do some sacrifices for the internet at my parents house but TURNS OUT my dad has Fiber internet too with unlimited download/upload just like what I have so hello. Also what is nice is 95% of the summer they will be camping out of town so I’ll have the house for myself for the majority of the summer, in he basement, escaping the heat waves that I had to suffer the past weeks (it was doing up to 30C in my apartment so escaping that is a blessing). At least the transition will be exciting compared to living in a hotel or something like that, which I was already looing into the past month but hey problem solved.


Not much to talk about really, I didn’t play that much retro stuff the past month because of the things that happened. Not gonna lie, the retro/rando itch is still there sometimes, it sucks I can’t join LeWeekly. I still wanna do things in the future.

I’ve been PC gaming only and it will still be PC only for a while for me during the summer. I’ve been playing a lot of WoW but that’s basically it. New Fortnite season not really exciting, tried Warzone (the Call of Duty Battle Royal) but still can’t get into it, Right now I’m really looking forward to Shadowlands (the next expansion) and I committed with the guild I’ve been playing with the past 9 years to play in the core raiding team (which is like 2 nights a week iirc) so that will happen. It’s been since Hellfire Citadel (like 4-5 years) that I didn’t really tried to raid seriously and the guild management has always been fair and professional so I love raiding under an environment like that. Also the Shaman changes for Shadowlands are super exciting for me, and I’ll be playing Elemental Shaman (Character is Maduin on Zul’jin) as a main for the xpac.

I’ve been debating streaming the raids like I used to do back then on my main channel, but I don’t how people will think about that. Possible I’ll stream them on TSVGC (Alt Channel) but will see. Raids aren’t super interesting to watch that’s a given but having a stream we can go back to as an archive to see strats is something guild wants, to see what happened wrong. And the normal retro streams won’t happen until August at most probably, at least not until I get stabilized IRL unfortunately.

Anyway it’s getting late here and I’m out of ideas of things to talk about but the main stuff is out there. Also I started writing this Sunday and now it’s Monday 🙌. #pastebinmonday except its on my website because pastebin hurts my eyes.