My 2020 Adventures Update 09/09/2020

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my 2020 adventures but I guess it is a good time to do so (Listening to Shadowlands music that came out today and felt inspired).

Things have been improving over the course of summer. This summer has been hard for me personally because of the many issues that happened. For those who’ve been reading regarding the housing issues on my last update, at this date I am still without an apartment and still in my parents basement, but being able to live in my parents basement for the whole summer was a blessing and I am very thankful for them.

In resume of the story, the apartment that I was supposed to move in in July 1st and was still under construction in March ended up never being completed. The owner kept selling me that stuff would be completed soon and kept being delayed, and then summer vacations happened and more delays and tbh I suspect legal issues happened with the owner and the bank. About 3 weeks ago from today, I decided I had enough of waiting and me and the owner agreed that we would cancel the Lease (it’s called a “Bail” in French and I guess that’s the English word for it??) of me renting the place. The place had still no walls, electricity was not done and had to be done through contractors because of regulations so who knows when that was happening… I got the info that the work was starting Oct 1st…. and that is starting, so being able to move in Mid November at most which was like a big lol for me. Fortunately the owner agreed that the whole thing was a mess and I didn’t deserve to suffer for all those problems and we decided to part ways by signing the documents to cancel the Lease, giving me liberty to search for a new place. The owner had the rights to decline that 100% but I’m thankful that he understood that this was just a big mess. Don’t rent or buy housing stuff that is under construction because you cannot trust contractors, big fat life lesson for me. Covid might have been responsible but I don’t know at this point and I started hating the whole place anyway because it represented all the stress the problems that happened to me.

But with having the Lease cancelled, I was basically free to search for a new place to rent. Problem is, I have standards. There was places for renting for sure, but like….some of them were crap or in a bad neighborhood or too expensive. And here in Quebec, especially in 2020, we have a new phenomenon happening because of the closed borders, Snowbirds. So all the snowbirds who came back in Canada/Quebec during the summer to see their kids and family cannot go back to the US like Florida right now. As it’s getting colder and stuff like camping places are closing down, what do you think those Snowbirds do? Search for apartment to live because they don’t have a house here, making it even more difficult to search for me (yay).

So having trouble to find a place to live, I looked into the road of actually buying my own Condo/House (I guess). There was def some good options around here and good thing is where I live it is actually very affordable to buy your own place, like you can have something real nice for 130k CAD, plus mortgage interest rates are very low because of COVID so yay. So I started visiting condo stuff with my Dad who knew what to actually check and I started making steps with the bank to see if I could have a Pre-Approved for a mortgage so that I can start negotiating. After couple of calls with the bank, I got pre-approved for a mortgage of higher of what I actually wanted to pay for my own place, so I knew what I was able to afford. So I had hope on that front.

But what is funny, the same day I got the call from the Bank, I find an apartment that was published like 2 hours on the web before I saw it, that I was really what I wanted to have to begin with. Everything I’ve been searching for, the area I wanted to be in, built in 2016 (so new really), big enough, the price range I wanted to pay. Basically the dream. So I got on the phone and immediately planned a visit and apparently there was already 3 people who called in (I knew I had to be super quick to snag that shit). Fortunately got a callback and was able to visit the same day after work, drove there and I felt in love with it, and right away I said to them that I’ll take it. That was basically a week ago. I was tired of actually searching and I had to move, I cannot stay in my parents basement anymore, so I had to commit to it. The only issue is the couple in the apartment were in the process of buying their own house (Low interest rate hype) and they didn’t know if they would get the house, it was 99% chance but they couldn’t give me the 100% that it was mine at the end of the month. But fortunately I got an update from them that everything was in order for them and all I had to do is sign the documents and the apartment was mine at the end of the month (So Oct 1st).

So after ALL THAT SHIT, I’ll be able to move in a new place, newer, better, bigger, have my Game Room with a couch, my PC and all my games in it (That I cannot wait to have) and will be able to do fun stuff again instead of spending my summer stressed out not able to know when stuff is gonna happen (which was the worst part of it tbh, not knowing the deadlines). I am happy that I explored the road of purchasing, I got some knowledge out of it and was able to know more about my financial value. I will still be renting for a couple more years but this will be the last place I will ever rent, next time I move I buy unless something terrible happens of course. Thing also I didn’t like being pressured to buy my place considering my situation, I feel that is def something you need to take your time and I was somewhat in a rush. So I am glad I found a place to rent for now so when I decide to buy I can take my time, because of the places I visited nothing blew me away really.

I ain’t completely done because I have still to move in, but at least I was able to secure my own place now and I know when all this will end and I can start to plan around it. I really suck not having access to any of my games and consoles (Except my SNES+SD2SNES that I kept) for like that, 3+ months? I miss my cartridges :(.

I know I was not active at all on streaming and speedrunning during all this time but I had no motivation to play on my SNES that much and with my ghetto current setup, I wasn’t really comfortable doing so with having limited privacy. Plus the real life problems was stressful enough and wanted to chill when possible. Next episode I guess is when everything is done and I can maybe show what I did with my Gameroom to close out my 2020 adventures.

P.S : I will still degen Shadowlands when it comes out, sry :).