Pastebin Monday 9/4/2017

-I have been chosen to play for the FFRelay that’s going to happen between 29th September to 2nd October, so I will have to work on that for the next couple of weeks. I am planning on doing couple of runs on stream, and I might go for all the safeties during those practice runs including saving, to have an idea of how long it will take. I am not happy how Tier 3 strat is currently, so I will have to work on that before.

-I will also have to practice some Zelda 3 Any% NoEG as well. As per the latest news I got, I might be playing on the next Zelda 3 Relay that is currently in the work. More details soon.

Future Plans for Speedrunning, what I am currently aiming for :

I will learn lots of Zelda. My plan is to be able to speedrun the first 6 Zelda games released (Pretty ambitious but will see how far I can go for it). Which means :

– Zelda 1 Any% No Up+A (Done, but I dont feel my PB represents my skill level in that game. I got a 36 too easy and too soon. But hey, PB is a PB and I am not gonna complain about it. Will do runs for time to time.)

– Zelda 2 100% All Keys (I started working on it on the last couple days but I will have to change prioties for FF6 and Zelda 3 for now. I might just keep learning it in between some FF6/Zelda 3 stuff.)

– Zelda 3 Any% No Major Glitches (Done since forever ago)

– Zelda 4 Or 4th Zelda (Link’s Awakening, I’d like to call my list by numbers, because it’s the 4th Zelda that got released. Still debating if I want to do the Original or DX. I have a JP cards for both of them.)

– Zelda 5, 5th Zelda (Ocarina of Time, I would play a glitched category that’s short. Either NoIM/WW or All Dungeons, one of the two. Already have a 1.0 Cart for that game.)

– Zelda 6, 6th Zelda (Majora’s Mask, I would do Any%. I also currently own a JP 1.0 Cart of that game)

Here are my carts :

All the categories are mostly around the 1h30min or less. If I would learn OoT by itself I would probably do Glitchless (or whatever its called, the category that doesn’t do that ), but I will stick to those 2 I mentionned above.

Crazy project but will see how it goes, and I hvae the motivation to do it so why not. I would go for good PBs that are not bad for all games. All the runs will be on console including the 3D Zeldas (Because I’m not a vcheater), I have all the carts and equipment to do it, just a matter of “Doing it”, and my setup allows me to switch between NES/SNES/N64/GameCube very easily using one single Multi-Out Cable, so a gauntlet of Zelda 1-2-3-4-5-6 would be the dream.

I love Zelda and I think they are the best speedgames for me, but I will always be an FF6 boy and will always be interested in that game 🙂 (I need to play one on those Beyond Chaos Randomizer thing, watching Fathlo playing it looks really fun). And if I get sick of Zeldo, I can always go for 102% for a change of pace. DKC2 102% is def gonna happen, when it will happen is the question.

That’s pretty much what I have going on right now. And of course, everything can change and I have no obligation to keeping doing what I wrote in that pastebin :).

Thank you for reading.