Pastebin Monday 10/16/2017

Blog Version :

  • I’m trying this new thing where I post a copy of pastebins on my own website. Should be more enjoyable to read and its nice to be able to go back in time easily
  • I will not participate for the Zelda 3 Relay after all. The relay was supposed to happen this weekend, but because of the lack of runners for Any% NoEG, the category got dropped. It is unfortunate but it is what it is.
  • I’m very close to be able to do runs of Zelda 2. I will probably be a disaster but I would like to know where I am and I feel doing runs will accelerate the learning by far. The goal for this game is Sub 130. I think this goal should be easy enough to achieve without grinding the game too much. I never planned playing this game very seriously from the start, but I would like a time that’s not too terrible. Also I am way more excited about learning and playing Link’s Awakening and OoT than Zelda 2, so the faster I move on the better.
  • Still haven’t finished Zelda BotW because I’m a lazy gamer.
  • Made a 9h playlist of SNES RPG Music in WinAMP for occasional Z3 Randomizer.
  • I bought an SNES ASCII Pad for my collection and for fun (maaaayybe for FF6 JP someday).