Any% TAS Route / Solo Terra

Final Fantasy VI 52 Gameover Glitch (Any%)
Information gathered so far from JP videos and TAS. (First got the Glitch on real hardware) (Somewhat a tutorial for the route but was done on emulator)
By TheSabin

Seed Manipulation : 244

Battle Speed 6
Message Speed 1
All Backrow

--Magitek Walk--
All away from first Battle
Bio Blast Right side on 2nd Battle, All run away
Fire Beam both Mamooth, All run away
*Running away from Battles for Gil Management

Kill Whelk the standard way. Quick kill not possible since without Terra's level. Also can get 1 shot at full health Whelk's Thunder attack.

--Moggle Secnario--
Standard, using the Left Moogle walk. Possible to increase step count to save time later on...wasn't explored.
Unequip Moggle's Equipment on Marshal (Pike and Shield). Both are very important.

--Outside of Narshe--
Remove Locke's Weapon (Dirk)
Empty Terra's Equipment
(Should be at 304 Steps)
Follow the standard steproute from regular game

--Figaro Castle
Go up, after naming Edgar, Solo Terra, go to the Left shop.
Buy 9 Tonics
Buy 2 Echo Screens
You should be at 2720 Gils (In hex, Gil needs to be at ?A0. 2976 or 3232 Gil would work for example)
Leave Castle
(Should be at 493 Steps)

--World Map Outside of Figaro Castle--
Farm for an encounter by walking on the Right of Figaro Castle. If using 244, you should get an encounter on the bottom Right corner of the castle.
Have Terra on critical HP outside with a fight on the overworld.
Run Away once you are.
It is possible to Safety Save before getting the battle in case you don't wanna reset
(509 Steps after the 1st Batle)

Change Window Color to the following colors. First color doesn't change.

R	25	20	18	19	09	18	19
G	28	24	05	02	05	21	00
B	28	22	00	00	23	19	00

Terra Front Row

--Inventory Management--
Mithril Pike
Mithril Shld

Switch to Battle Speed 1 (To die Faster)
Go back Inside, farm steps. Should be at 675 when hitting outside
Go down from the castle. Save on the Grass on step 704.
Die 51 Times

On the 52th, No Consistant Setup yet.

A+X+Start+R at the music cue (Not consistant at all so cross fingers...)