Here are some updates :

First, I got myself a Framemeister recently and I’ve been trying to figure out how to setup everything for a bit. From now on, I will only be playing and speedrunning on LCD :). If you have questions on how I setup everything, feel free to ask. Also right now I am sticking with S-Video quality because everything is setup already for that. Will think about RGB in the future for sure, but ill stick with that for now.

Second, I modded my Sega Genesis for S-Video (which i did on my own). I ordered the parts for fairly cheap and managed to get it working. I might try some Bloodlines speedruns in the future (I have a time in SCV4 and Dracula X, so having another one on Bloodlines would make sense).

Third, I had to work during the nights this week and last week, so basically I couldn’t stream anyway. In addition to that, the heat wave was killing me. 28-29C in my place was just ugh, Playing Overwatch was killing me even more because how my GPU was making it worst with the heat.