Pastebin Monday 2018-07-09

I got around getting a Framemeister for my setup, and I gotta say it is pretty awesome. Ordered a new monitor as well that has a very low input display to go with that (Model is BenQ RL2460 in case people are interested). Went for this model simply because it has a HDMI Output that has a pass-through built-in, so I basically just need a cable from my Monitor to the capture card to capture whatever is on, easier to manage and less stuff I have to plug in. I also went back using my USB3HDCAP as well and capturing everything in 1080p. Right now, my CRT is unplugged and not being used, but I will not get rid of it (at least for now). I can totally live with the 1 frame input delay that the Framemeister is outputting anyway. I am still rocking on S-Video for now, but maybe RGB in the future. I still love the simplicity of playing with my console setup with S-Video right now (1 cable to rule them all).

I will not be able to do the 12 Hour Challenge unfortunately, I have work commitments during that weekend so I will have to skip this one unfortunately….BUT that doesn’t mean that won’t learn a new speedgame. Current game to learn will be OoT Glitchless (Inb4 the N64/OoT hate group comes after me, aka the whole elmagus discord 8) ). The original plan was learning NoIM/WW, but I did try to learn it a couple of days ago, until I realized that OoT glitches wasn’t for me. I also enjoy “playing the game” categories anyway, which is what I’ve been doing for the previous Zelda games. The reason I went for NoIM/WW was to get a short category, but Glitchless is not even that bad. Also I’d like to try that OoT Rando thing at some point.

Still not done with 102%, I’ve been lazy for the past month regarding that but I could go for another PB or two. Sub 140 is where I could probably SGQF.

Castlevania Bloodlines was awesome and everyone should play it. I’ve been thinking doing CV1 next Friday since I never beat it.

FF4 FE from time to time.

I watched some GameCube Wind Waker Bug Limit speedrun the other day and I wanna learn that, the hell is wrong with me.

I’m the best Roadhog player on Overwatch don’t @ me.