Pastebin Monday 2018-07-30

  • Got my goal with DKC2 102%. I can maybe save another 2min from my PB, but having played on and off DKC2 since May, I rather play something else right now. I really enjoyed this speedrun, probably more than Any% tbh, and I can see myself returning to 102% in the future. God tier speedrun, but hard AF. Don’t learn 102% before Any%, the difficulty is too high imo.
  • For my 2018 goals, I have OoT left, so I started working on it already (Got B1 Skip learned…and thats it lol. Also FF4 is basically do a run that finishes and quit forever). Going for N64 (not VC) Glitchless Any%. Not planning going hard on this game, I’d like to just have a time that maybe sub 5 (I dunno how well I will play so I dunno) and have a fun learning experience. FF6 No Sketch will happen as well. The end-game route seems a lot more interesting for me to come back to it for a bit. I know there was no talk about it, but I rather play a route where the cutscene would play at the end, instead of just softlock. Fortunately it seems the direction routes are going right now. Will of course tinker my route as my needs and my playstyle like I always do for FF6. Using Super Balls on Tentacles is obviously a reference to Barkley.
  • I kinda have a good idea on what I wanna do in 2019. Something like Wind Waker on GameCube (I’m actually really looking forward to that actually), DKC1 and DKC3 Any% (Will probably do English for sanity purpose), and probably 100% categories of games I already know like Zelda 1, LADX, Mystic Quest (LUL). Also watching Takaze yesterday made me think of learning FFT YesMath. Seems easy enough and its something cool to learn.
  • My only regret in speedrunning is not streaming more and stop doing offline attempts. I can’t help it it seems…
  • I need a meme speedgame.